A waste, but Not Really


Man it has been a long time since I visited my own page. A lot of things have happened since my first couple of blog post.

I remember talking about my new business. It was an affiliate marketing gig. I didn’t know what it was, but I thought I would learn really fast, well I was wrong. Man was I really in over my head.

I was freshly transitioning from the military, and I was not prepared for the change at all. There are lots of new things to get squared away when you first get out of the military.

However I was still very determined to continue with life full speed ahead, so I started  promoting MCA or Motor Club of America. I got involved with it because another veteran was doing it and I though it would be easy to learn. It was to good to be true, make globes of money from my couch in my pajamas.

Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as they make it sound. I was really using my social media to promote, and people are very cautious about spending their money. I don’t blame them, I would be too.

So cutting my ties and losses, I felt sorry for myself for a little while. I was mostly upset because I couldn’t make the shit work. I got really down on myself, wondering what was wrong with me. Although I have to admit, I was not really educated about any of it. I just jumped into it, thinking someone was going to hold my hand through it. I don’t want to keep making this a post negative, but when we fail, we learn things.

I learned that you have to make your own way reality. Be present and mindful, and let your natural instincts move you.




Learning Through Trials

Listen to this pretty enriching conversation I had with a friend the other day. A real cool person I have known now for almost 2 years.  We will call my friend Awesome.

Awesome was telling me all about myself, giving me a dose of reality. I was flattered, honestly, because I like to talk about me, good or bad.

We were talking about how I handle things. I am a giver, and I love to see people pleased. I sometimes give too much, and there is nothing left over for me. (This is general, not referring to one particular thing like money, love, etc.)

Awesome said that I shouldn’t be this way, “It is ok to be little selfish”. It took some time to see, but Now, I totally understand why Awesome said that.

During the conversation I stated that this is what I am supposed to be doing, giving to those who need my help.  I stood my ground and did not let up. We quickly found out it would be something we disagree on. We moved on to talk about something else.

Some time has passed now, and I think I was wrong, yeah I said it. I really love been on the favorable side of things too. I have been learning that it is  when we are wrong and/or endure obstacles, we learn things about ourselves. We walk into open doors.

I know full well that I am supposed to be happy through out my life. I should feel comfortable at all times. I have authority over all that I claim. I can do things with in my physical, mental, and emotional self. God’s plan for me is so great it’s more than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful for that. I can still be a giver, just not exhaustion. Simple as that.

Awesome taught me something, by being honest with me. I love being around people who can teach me something. Thank You, I’m thinking of keeping you.


Where I need to be

Have you ever wanted to do something but you feel that you have to be in a better place to start?

I have been in that boat. I know that it is nothing but procrastination. I always want that feeling of security before moving into something new.

That kind of thinking is the problem. You have to get a head start. The fun of it all is the journey.

The “where you want to be” is the end. So you actually have the first step right. Which is starting with the end result in mind. Envision what you want, all the way down to the details. Be sure to include numbers, names, envision faces, places, events you would like to attend etc.

Step 2 is to put in the work. We all know that any success requires work. So you got to work your hardest at what ever you choose.

Step 3 is to believe whole-heartedly that your dreams are manifesting to be even more than you envisioned

From now on I will move forward and initiate the attraction to myself. I will not sit and let opportunities pass me up. I will be proactive, active and not reactive.

Hi. I hope that all is well with you. I always find myself getting caught up in at least one of the many thoughts that run across my mind.
I think about when I was in the Navy and stuff like that. I do miss it I guess. I served five years as a Navy Seabee. I am very proud of that. I was separated from my family often… too often. I had always been involved with them but it was mostly from another state or country. It is not ideal parenting by the least, but we have moms and dads all over the world who make this same sacrifice. I commend them. I appreciate their service and sacrifice.
I have been done with my contract since 2015. Being home is great and there are so many reasons why. My kids have been my main focus now. It is a bit of a different role. Going to school plays, spelling bees, football games, and track meets. Having heart to heart talks with them, seeing their emotions as they begin to experience life, and being present everyday. I want to ensure that I raise them to believe in their selves, know their place in this big world, and to be leaders.
Since being home with them I have learned so much, and they have been my teachers. I am so thankful for them, they give me life. I want to make sure to spend all the time I can with them.
Starting a business allows that. This decision allows that. This decision is so beneficial in many ways. I have the great option to work when I can be most focused, and it can be at anytime of the day. It allows me to be available to my kids at all times. Children need that kind of love, support, and security, right?
To create this life I will aggressively take on an Entrepreneur role. I am constantly learning and improving to master running a professional and successful business.

My New Baby

Last month I decided to do something that I never thought I would. I decided to invested my money and be an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

I am excited, feeling a bit nervous and anxious; and there are probably other feelings that have been present, but were not noticeable.

Owning a business is hard work, although I am ready to do the work. I have learned that the critical ingredient is getting off your ass and doing it. I am one that gives 100 percent when it comes to producing a product. It does not bring about results if I sit idle and some times I find myself doing nothing.

I have a bad habit of throwing myself into things that don’t really require me to focus or think. I know that this brain works wonders and I will succeed. I will always be able to do anything with God on my side. I firmly believe that.

There are multitudes of things to learn.
In my lifetime I found that I lean best through mistakes. When you experience situations during your journey, good or bad, you are learning something. You just need to pay attention.
There are millions of people who have been down the road I am headed down, and I hope to be surrounded with the likeness of such people. You know, I need to surround myself with like-minded people.
Now that I see my words written down, this thing turns into a set of goals.

That is my advice to you. If you have not put some goals down on paper, do it.
Make sure they are reasonable and read them every day. They will manifest. The how, when, where, etc. does not matter. Try it; this will change your life. It is currently working for me. It gave me the courage to share myself with you.

Hello There

Whas up everybody? I am LaTasha and I’m here to say…
HaHa that was almost a freestyle right from the keyboard.
Not kidding either.
I start my day with praises to the Most High, searching for his face, his wisdom, love, compassion, perseverance.
I have 2 kids a teenager and a preteen. Yeah, I keep em in bootcamp, see I was in the Navy, serving 5 years. Great experience I must say, So the kids probably endure a great bit of what I learned while serving this country.
I love all kinds of sneakers, you will see pics of shoes here! I love music, but who doesn’t, right.
I am starting my blog to raise awareness, inspire, read, learn, reach others and share what I can. There are some parts missing from this introductory post but you will find about as the posts go up. ttyl. stay great!