Hi. I hope that all is well with you. I always find myself getting caught up in at least one of the many thoughts that run across my mind.
I think about when I was in the Navy and stuff like that. I do miss it I guess. I served five years as a Navy Seabee. I am very proud of that. I was separated from my family often… too often. I had always been involved with them but it was mostly from another state or country. It is not ideal parenting by the least, but we have moms and dads all over the world who make this same sacrifice. I commend them. I appreciate their service and sacrifice.
I have been done with my contract since 2015. Being home is great and there are so many reasons why. My kids have been my main focus now. It is a bit of a different role. Going to school plays, spelling bees, football games, and track meets. Having heart to heart talks with them, seeing their emotions as they begin to experience life, and being present everyday. I want to ensure that I raise them to believe in their selves, know their place in this big world, and to be leaders.
Since being home with them I have learned so much, and they have been my teachers. I am so thankful for them, they give me life. I want to make sure to spend all the time I can with them.
Starting a business allows that. This decision allows that. This decision is so beneficial in many ways. I have the great option to work when I can be most focused, and it can be at anytime of the day. It allows me to be available to my kids at all times. Children need that kind of love, support, and security, right?
To create this life I will aggressively take on an Entrepreneur role. I am constantly learning and improving to master running a professional and successful business.

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