Learning Through Trials

Listen to this pretty enriching conversation I had with a friend the other day. A real cool person I have known now for almost 2 years.  We will call my friend Awesome.

Awesome was telling me all about myself, giving me a dose of reality. I was flattered, honestly, because I like to talk about me, good or bad.

We were talking about how I handle things. I am a giver, and I love to see people pleased. I sometimes give too much, and there is nothing left over for me. (This is general, not referring to one particular thing like money, love, etc.)

Awesome said that I shouldn’t be this way, “It is ok to be little selfish”. It took some time to see, but Now, I totally understand why Awesome said that.

During the conversation I stated that this is what I am supposed to be doing, giving to those who need my help.  I stood my ground and did not let up. We quickly found out it would be something we disagree on. We moved on to talk about something else.

Some time has passed now, and I think I was wrong, yeah I said it. I really love been on the favorable side of things too. I have been learning that it is  when we are wrong and/or endure obstacles, we learn things about ourselves. We walk into open doors.

I know full well that I am supposed to be happy through out my life. I should feel comfortable at all times. I have authority over all that I claim. I can do things with in my physical, mental, and emotional self. God’s plan for me is so great it’s more than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful for that. I can still be a giver, just not exhaustion. Simple as that.

Awesome taught me something, by being honest with me. I love being around people who can teach me something. Thank You, I’m thinking of keeping you.


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