A waste, but Not Really


Man it has been a long time since I visited my own page. A lot of things have happened since my first couple of blog post.

I remember talking about my new business. It was an affiliate marketing gig. I didn’t know what it was, but I thought I would learn really fast, well I was wrong. Man was I really in over my head.

I was freshly transitioning from the military, and I was not prepared for the change at all. There are lots of new things to get squared away when you first get out of the military.

However I was still very determined to continue with life full speed ahead, so I started  promoting MCA or Motor Club of America. I got involved with it because another veteran was doing it and I though it would be easy to learn. It was to good to be true, make globes of money from my couch in my pajamas.

Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as they make it sound. I was really using my social media to promote, and people are very cautious about spending their money. I don’t blame them, I would be too.

So cutting my ties and losses, I felt sorry for myself for a little while. I was mostly upset because I couldn’t make the shit work. I got really down on myself, wondering what was wrong with me. Although I have to admit, I was not really educated about any of it. I just jumped into it, thinking someone was going to hold my hand through it. I don’t want to keep making this a post negative, but when we fail, we learn things.

I learned that you have to make your own way reality. Be present and mindful, and let your natural instincts move you.




2 thoughts on “A waste, but Not Really

  1. Hey i’m glad you liked my post!I also see you have a done the affiliate thing too. I did also and me too didn’t understand the level of dedication it needed but my time in it was when it could have been really good if i knew what i was doing(back in 2004 to 2007)when i was doing it! Getting to it now is not a good idea if you don’t have the time and money, unless you have a huge following on the big three(FB,IG,TW)etc.If you had the money you wouldn’t be doing it anyway so it’s catch22 situation while the marketing companies and the store make all the money off of your hard work!

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