It is December 26, 2017, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas. My Christmas was good. I am thankful for another chance to see my family gather and enjoy one another. I had time with my kids the morning of Christmas, but also had to go into work. Not too happy about having to go, but I was asked and I said yes.

During the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas it is supposed to be a time of love, laughter, happiness, giving, and being merry, but people become so selfish. There is a saying that says “Nice guys finish last”, and I believe it to be true.

I am a “nice guy”, and I feel that most of the time I really do get the short end of the stick. Lately I have not wanted to be the “nice guy” contemplating taking the short cuts, going for opportunities when they are presented and doing whatever it takes to get there. Stepping on who ever no matter what, only looking out for ME.

My family raised me on christian religion. I was mostly taught the importance of morals, loving everyone, being charitable, and always doing what is right, so during these selfish, self loving days a “nice guy” like me will be stuck in prehistoric days.

I thought that becoming a part of the conscious community things would get better because, I learned not to rely on my imaginary friend “Jesus”. In my earlier and younger days when I needed help, I asked him for a lot of things, things that many different pastors had promised me he would do for me. I am still in last place, and my world is so dark.

I have been training my-celf to think for my-celf. I started focusing on help from inside rather than outside.





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