The Crown

I have been LOCd for 2 years, they are a little past shoulder length now. This set of LOCs will be my second set. The first big chop happened in 2008. I was in my mid twenties, my generation was the one stirring up trouble, and my energy was vibing at a high frequency, but, I was rocking relaxed hair. Having  relaxed hair was the shit, my hair was so silky, smooth, shiny, and straight, couldn’t tell me nothing.

The problem I had to face is that relaxed hair only last for about four to six weeks, it is temporary, which is confusing, they should call it “a temp” not “a perm”. Good thing, because I had a very good beautician at the time.  She knew all about my hair, I didn’t have to worry.

I later married a military member, which when we moved away from our home town, I faced the challenge of finding someone to continue maintaining my hair. Me doing my own hair was a struggle, i didn’t know how, still don’t know how, I don’t dabble in many girly things so, nope!

Looking to make things more simple for myself I decided to get LOCs. I loved and embraced the journey from the beginning. I learned to do my hair, I learned the importance of healthy hair, and didn’t care so much about the style anymore. I made a lot of mistakes, like using products that do more harm then good, not washing S MUCH s I should etc

It is obvious everyone has a preference as to how they like to style their hair, but i think natural hair is best. Natural is best.

Below I have posted a link to a guide with health tips for your natural Journey. Enjoy


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7 thoughts on “The Crown

      1. I dont like most of it,sometimes females need it but you dont need it at all.Iwant to wake up to the same person i went to bed with,thats all im sayin.


      2. He has had them for like 2 yrs.yea they r attractive to me it’s just that Every body can’t wear them and expect to get the same response.


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